Thoughts on the New Year 5774

Sandy at the Chagall Museum
Sandy at the Chagall Museum

"The end of a matter is better than its beginning and patience is better than pride."   Ecclesiates  7:8
We've noted that many people are ending the year 5773 with siginificant events, both in the natural and spiritual parts of their lives. It seems that Abba is wrapping up many things during these last weeks and days of 5773 so that a new significant beginning, stage, season or life cycle may begin in 5774. 
Recently we've seen sudden promotions to new out-of-town jobs which will, in turn, mean new schools, new homes, and new ways of life in 5774 for these families. 
Just days ago, a beautiful baby girl was born in the last days of 5773 instead of the projected due date, which was to be in 5774. This family will go forward and begin 5774 together. 
Also, our synagogue was blessed this weekend with a double portion Bat Mitzvah of twins on the last Shabbat of 5773. These beautiful girls certainly have a bright new beginning in 5774. 
We've seen others realigning their life goals here at the end of 5773. They will now start 5774 with more clarity and vision for themselves, their families and their futures. 
Rabbi David has spent most of 5773 speaking Kadima! (Forward!) to us. Along with M'At, M'At (little by little or step by step) he has encouraged each of us to have a clear vision for our lives, our families,  our vocations, and our ministries.  
"The end of a matter is better than its beginning and patience is better than pride." Ecclesiates  7:8
Our prayer for you in these last days of 5773 is that Abba will bring a conclusion to things in your lives that will make way for new vision, goodness, and abundance in 5774. 
May it be so for you and yours. 
In Yeshua's name, amen.
Sandy Levine

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  • #1

    Jeromy Bilbrey (Sunday, 01 September 2013 13:56)

    Beautiful insight. This is right on target with my recent prayers. Many blessings to you. Shalom!

  • #2

    kimberley schulman (Sunday, 01 September 2013 14:11)

    I just said to David, 30 minutes ago.. we need to do Jimmy Evans vision retreat for our lives to see what God wants for us and our children...confirmation!

  • #3

    Rondi Wagener (Sunday, 01 September 2013 16:24)

    I'm waiting with anxious patience, if there is such a thing, to witness what G-d has set in motion for next year. Thank you Sandy for the reminder. It's easy to get caught up in the chaos and forget to look toward the door, Yeshua! Many blessings for you and yours!

  • #4

    Eric Painter (Sunday, 01 September 2013 23:08)

    Beautifully packaged, Sandichka. :-) Love the verse, and your insight!

  • #5

    Bill Dando (Wednesday, 04 September 2013 06:50)

    L'Shana Tovah, blessings to you in 5774